or Restoring

of Shade ports and Carports.
Giving your Shade ports new life!

◦ Painting ◦ Restoring ◦ Stitching ◦ Replacement ◦ repairs ◦



Shadeport Fix, Repair and Restore

We repair maintain and restore shade netting and shadeports

We assist in all general maintenance and upkeep of your shade port or shade sail.

Our shade ports comprise a range from single, double, triple and quadruple shade ports (One to four vehicles).  We stitch and repair any size netting according to the structure you already have installed. We also stitch and repair custom designs and pre-built structures. We can enhance and add any other elements to your shade port or shade-ports. This also includes the pole paint and restoration.

We install new shade ports and carports as well as provide repairs & maintenance services stitching and painting.

We have a quick response time and excellent outcomes. Overall, we always give everything we have to every job carport or shade port project.